Spanish Rural Apartments:
Walking and Cycling

We would like to start by stating that we do not seriously walk or cycle ourselves so we can not Cyclingrecommend or endorse any of the sites that may appear in this extract.

Walking in Catalonia is a great way to see Spain, and is a delight for those used to restricted footpaths, barbed-wire fences and 'No Entry' of England as there are no restrictions on where you may walk, what you must do is leave no sign that you have been there. Most of the land is private, but it is understood that walkers are no threat to anybody and the existence of a path is generally enough to provide walkers with a tacit right to enjoy the right to pass.

Many walking and cycling routes have been made available on the Turisme de Catalunya website (see below for link) - there are maps, Walkingshort descriptions, a guide to difficulty, distances, estimates of duration, and photos of local sites of interest - well worth some further investigation.

The Turisme de Catalunya website is a great resource for walking and cycling routes and can be found by clicking here. Please note that the site is available in a number of languages, select your language at the top right of the page when it has loaded.