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Located around two hours' car/train journey away, the Catalonian capital can be used as the starting or finishing part for your holiday or enjoyed as a day excursion. This cosmopolitan city has fine shopping districts and street markets, especially Las Ramblas.

Well preserved Roman streets and Iberian settlements have been discovered beneath the present day city and can be viewed by visiting the City History Museum. The city is rich in architecture with its' impressive Gothic cathedral in the medieval quarter, and Gaudi's famous Sagrada Familia. For the sports fan, a visit to the Nou Camp stadium is essential.


Located around an hours' car/train journey away, the city stands on a small hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea - providing magnificent views of the surrounding coastline. Its importance lies in its Roman remains, since it was chosen as the base for the Romanisation of the Iberian Peninsula. One of its most notable sites are the city walls which were once forty miles long, sheltering over one million inhabitants when first built in 218 B.C. - part of which are still walkable today. There is also a well-preserved ampitheatre and aqueduct.


Tortosa is approximately half an hours drive from Ginestar. On your approach tothe city, the dominating feature of the skyline is the Castle of the Suda. Located in the old Roman acropolis, the origins of the castle can be traced back to the Moorish ruler Abdal-Rahman III. Located on the banks of the River Ebro, its medieval quarter hosts a fourteenth century gothic cathedral with baroque facade and thirteenth century cloisters.


Places to Visit | Coastal Area | Other Activities